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IT Liner is an Information Technology company specializing in digital marketing and business software development. We provide innovative software solutions based on cutting-edge technologies. Our services range from Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to developing great web applications.

Public Address System

Public Address System

We provide software based Public Address Systems. Our product offers a range of features to suit the needs of our customers, including nation-wide coverage, scheduling of voice messages, audio mixing etc.
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Accounting software

Business Software

We develop and implement top-quality business management software. We adopt systematic approach to effectively integrate our business software with the workflows of your business.
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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

We provide result-oriented bespoke digital marketing services. Whether you are looking to develop an effective digital marketing strategy or run social media campaigns – we have the skills to help!
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web design

Web Design

We specialize in developing custom websites based on your specific needs. Our focus is on making use of innovative web technologies to build high-quality websites that keep our customers miles ahead of their competitions.
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Featured Product: Easy-to-use Accounting & Inventory software

Accounting software in Bangladesh

We applied our expertise and experience in creating a super-fast, reliable and highly intuitive software product for businesses. Currently, our feature-rich product is helping a number of businesses stay ahead of their competitions.

This web based accounting software enables businesses manage their sales, purchases and inventories will ease. It shows useful information on day-to-day transactions graphically and generates insightful reports for business owners. It can be set up and customized easily based on business needs. Below are some of the key features of this software.

Sales and Receivables
Purchases and Payables
Inventory Movements Tracking

Insightful Reports
Multi-user with Access Rights
Backup & Restore

IT Liner: Who We Are

From when we began operations in 2014, we have successfully completed multiple software development projects and made available digital marketing services in both international as well as local markets. Presently, our products have been purchased in over 12 countries and we have more than 50 contented clients across the world.

At IT Liner, we’re all about the quality. Our work is always appreciated by our clients and so far we have satisfied customers in 12 countries. We’re proud to be helping over 50 clients worldwide improve the way they do business.

More About Us

Core Values:

Quality: We are responsible for delivering top value to our customers by understanding and enhancing the customer experience. At IT Liner we provide top-quality services and solutions, and drive continual improvements.

Integrity: We strive to demonstrate integrity in all our interactions, behaviours and practices within the organisation and with our customers, guests and the wider community. Our goal is to build long-term relationships and trusted partnerships.

Putting customers first: We always listen to the customer’s requirements to offer the most viable solution in the realm of web and mobile applications. We are flexible to accept customers’ criticism to serve you even better next time. IT Liner strongly believes that its success intermingles with the success of its customers.


Marketing Strategy: 90%
Content Marketing: 85%
Search Engine Optimization: 80%
Web Development: 85%
Software Implementation: 90%

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