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IT Liner was established in 2014 and is currently one of the leading Information Technology companies in Bangladesh. We are experts in digital marketing as well as business application development for our clientele. We have helped (and are still helping) over 50 clients across the world to better their business operations. We are focused on providing excellent value services to our clients by comprehending and improving client experience. We endeavor to show trustworthiness in all our dealings, practices and interactions with our clients and external community as well as within the company. We aspire to establish long-standing partnerships built on integrity and mutual trust.

Why Us

Since starting our journey in 2014, we have completed numerous software development projects and provided digital marketing services in local and international markets. We have built B2B products and recently partnered with a US tech company to enter into bigger markets. As of now our products have been sold in more than 12 countries and we have over 50 satisfied customers worldwide. We have worked with some of the top global talents and maintained excellent success rate in international markets.

We pay attention to our client’s needs to ensure we provide the best workable solution within the web and mobile application sphere. To guarantee continually improving service, we are open and willing to listen to feedback as well as criticism from our customers. IT Liner firmly holds the belief that its success as a company is interwoven with the success of its clientele.

At present, multiple businesses are using our prolific product to outpace and stay in the lead against their competitors. Our web-based software for accounting assists businesses to easily manage their inventories, purchases and sales. The web dashboard displays relevant business statistics and data and also produces branded reports. This application can be customized and set up to suit the needs of the business using it.

You are welcome to share your opinions and thoughts with us and on our end; we will provide helpful input to help your thoughts become reality. Every feedback received will be regarded as important and we will provide a response as fast as we can.

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