Easy-to-use Accounting and Inventory Management Software
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Accounting & Inventory Management Software

We provide intuitively designed simple Accounting and Inventory software that helps manage finances and track inventory easily.  


After putting together a comprehensive list of requirements from business owners and executives in different industries, we designed and developed this affordable, all-encompassing, analytical cloud-supported software. This software assists managers and owners to better run their businesses, reduce costs and substitute paper-based procedures.

Fully Customizable

Bangla Language Supported

Online/Offline Option

100% Data Security

24/7 Support

Powerful Features

The software comes loaded with every necessary feature for the smooth running and management of your business. From the start, our software is user-friendly and with continued usage, business owners and managers will be impressed with its high level of efficiency as well as competence.

Easy Configuration

Set up the software based on your business in a matter of minutes. Lots of configurable options make the app suitable for a wide range of industries.


Track income and expenses. Know exactly the amount of money currently owned as well as the amount of money currently owed.

Inventory Tracking

Always know what’s in stock. Track all sold and bought products. Inventory quantities will be automatically updated as sale and purchase happens.

Sales and Receivables

Track sales and payments. Create invoices, receive payments, accept sales returns, issue credit notes etc. Know what’s selling.

Purchases and Payables

Track purchases from different vendors. Record bills, payments, purchase return, credit note etc.

Insightful Reports

Instantly see your business performance through dashboards and customizable reports.

Data Backup and Restore

Take backup of all the data and restore as needed with a single click. See complete data backup history.

Multiple Users and Roles

Only the authorized users with varying access privileges can login and work in the app. So access to the app can be controlled.

Super-fast and Easy-to-use

Easy-to-use software (even with no prior software operation knowledge). Plus, no page refresh makes this app extremely fast on web browser.

3-Clicks Installation

It takes only 3 clicks to install the app and make it ready for you resulting in a painless customer experience.